Meet Maureen! Maureen has been teaching fitness classes for 31 years and has been a certified Pilates instructor since 2003. Pilates has grown on her over the years thanks to the mind-body connection. Pilates is Maureen's passion; she loves the way it helps people connect to their bodies and enables you to better understand and move your body through space.

Maueen loves the small class sizes and personal attention that her classes provide. She loves seeing someone’s face in class when they have that “ah-ha” moment when everything clicks, but she is also the first to encourage you to take classes from different instructors as well because sometimes a different person can tell you the same thing but it just clicks differently!

Maureen aims to help her clients use Pilates to build body awareness that they take out of the studio and into their daily lives to prevent injury, and she hopes we all will carry those lessons as we get wiser through the years.