Lindsey Krywaruchka

Meet Lindsey Krywaruchka. Lindsey has been a fitness instructor since 2004, teaching such formats as cycling, high-intensity training, yoga, barre, and weight training and she has been a Les Mills certified instructor since 2009.

Lindsey began to practice Pilates at a time when little injuries started creeping in, and she was becoming more aware of the fact that if she wanted to maintain the love she has for activities, she needed to focus on the mind, body, and spirit connection.

She earned her Pilates Level I certification from Peak Pilates in March 2020. The benefits of spinal health and a focus on the nervous system have been one of the unexpected benefits of Pilates in her life.

Lindsey enjoys working with clients who love activity and want to take care of their bodies to continue moving throughout their lives. Her goal for participants would be that they would find Pilates enhancing the other activities they engage in, and to help prevent injury or heal old injuries and movement patterns they thought they had to live with.