Emilie Hoffman

Meet Emilie Hoffman! Emilie (she/her) found Helena in 2012 and discovered Pilates shortly after. She never considered herself a fitness nerd, and certainly never considered teaching movement.

But, private Pilates lessons and learning about the human mind/body connection revealed so much possibility for nurturing the relationship she had with herself and other people, in mental, emotional, and physical ways.

Emilie started her path of comprehensive Pilates certification in 2015 and added a perinatal Pilates certification in 2017 when she was in the third trimester of her own pregnancy.

Since 2015, Emilie has worked with many different people to support the connections they have with themselves, their body, and the people and places around them. She appreciates learning about the experiences of others and feels it is a privilege to help individuals make changes in their lives.

She adores learning and is always dabbling in education about holistic human connection, communication, the nervous system, trauma, and creative expression.