Merida Stover

Core Connection Studio founder, Merida Stover, began her Pilates education in 2007, from Integrated Movement= Xercize Studio on Madison Avenue in New York City, working her way toward and completing certification as a Master Trainer.  She has provided Pilates instruction in Helena since then, focusing her work on providing personalized individual and small group instruction. She opened Core Connection Studio in 2017 to provide the same attentive, professional instruction.

As an instructor, Merida is known for her ability to embrace participants of all ages and fitness levels and help them adapt Pilates exercises to meet their unique goals. She’s generous with her encouragement, and her positive attitude draws participants back class after class.

With more than a decade of Pilates study, Merida has a deep understanding of anatomy and kinesiology, which she easily translates for her students. She teaches not only movement in the class but also instructs her students on proper posture and best practices for physical activity in daily living.

Merida likes to think of Pilates as “movement therapy.” Time and again, she’s watched her students gain not only physical strength, but also a new appreciation for their bodies and an overall sense of peace and well-being.

My journey in Pilates started...

during the course of several abdominal surgeries, which left me with a need to improve my core strength. While working as a Physical Therapy Technician and Personal Trainer, I discovered Pilates, and after my first class became a believer in the incredible benefits of Pilates. Almost immediately, I wanted to become an instructor, and it wasn’t long after that I pursued my dreams, studying Pilates in New York. My work has always had a personal focus, and I love seeing my clients reach their fitness goals and mark small milestones along the way. Join me on this journey. You’ll be glad you did!