Meditation Class
January 13, 6-7:30
Members $20
Non-Members $30

Meditation can be a simple, effective tool to help you be happier, feel healthier, and be more responsive and receptive to the challenges of everyday life.

  • You don’t have to fight your mind!
  • Everyone can meditate.
  • You can find the style or technique that works right for you.

This experiential class will offer several different styles of meditation for participants to experience including; Mindfulness meditation, mantra and breath work meditation and Open Focus. We will also explore how you can use meditative practices to respond more effectively to stresses and challenging emotions for self-soothing, self-connection, and guidance.

No experience necessary. If you have experience with meditation or breath work, this class can help you shift to a new level of effectiveness and clarity.

Patrick Marsolek brings over 35 years experience with different forms of meditation and consciousness-exploration to this class.  He is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a private practice in Missoula. He is the author of  “A Joyful Intuition” and “Transform Yourself: A self-hypnosis manual.” Patrick teaches experiential classes on hypnosis, intuition, compassionate communication and using altered states of consciousness for personal transformation. He works with businesses, individuals and families on how to communicate effectively and compassionately and how to access untapped resources for growth and effectiveness. He also has produced a series of self-empowerment and self-hypnosis audio recordings.   Find out more at:

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